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Alcoholism, drug addiction, or any kind of addiction falls under the range of rehabilitative conditions. Rehabilitation for this state of being may be different, but it all falls under one purpose only—to bring back the normal state of the person before the addiction or at least create a new norm for the person suffering from the addiction.

Addiction may latch onto the person and different substances may be the focus of addiction. The standard treatment for this includes re-education about the substances, assistance for getting back on their feet, re-tracing their interest for any social activity they prefer, or support for people trying to get back to society. Whether they have done anything wrong or were gravely misunderstood, the standard rehabilitation program helps them ask forgiveness for their mistake and encourages them to try and right the wrong.

Depending on the rehabilitation, patients may also avail of in-house or out-patient treatments. This is done in certain environments: in-house treatments are done in rehabilitation centers, while out-patient services are done in hospitals licensed to handle such cases.

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