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Worth the Squeeze: Drug Addiction Cost and its Consequences

Can you really solve drug addiction on your own? You probably can, although it will take great willpower and a lot of initiative from you to get better. It will also take a genuine desire to get healthier; it could be dangerous, however, if you don’t have that in you.

What it takes to solve drug addiction

If you’re really serious about solving your dependence on substances or want to end your alcoholism, here’s what it’ll cost you.

Your Insurance

Getting healthy isn’t easy. Aside from the process of getting better, there’s also gaining entrance in a rehabilitation center. It isn’t cheap to get help from these centers—it’s better if you have insurance. Some payments are already covered in whole by insurance plans.

The Government’s money

You often see projects touting the usual label that ‘this is your money at work’. If that’s true, then rehabilitation is also technically your money at work. Costs are covered by insurance and other plans if you check in without money.

Your own money

You can choose to check in a rehabilitation center, even if your insurance can’t cover the whole amount that is required to gain entrance into the session. However, you or your loved ones should be prepared. Rehabilitation centers take that excess amount from your own money.


Therapies aren’t expensive. Detox alone can cost you a lot and that’s not including the amount of money spent on medication. There’s also the time of personnel who will take care of you whether you’re an in- or out-patient.

Your time

Most important of all costs, perhaps, is the time you’ll be spending in rehabilitation centers. This is a part of your life you can’t get back. It is completely worth it, however, if you really need to get rid of your harmful addiction.

A Long Journey

Rehabilitation isn’t magic. You can’t check in expecting that within a week or so you can come out good. It’s an investment towards you getting better, so you shouldn’t count your costs when checking into rehabilitation.

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