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Don’t make it a Habit: How Long a Dangerous Addiction Lasts

Something that you do in almost a heartbeat is a habit, a thing that you won’t go a day without doing. This can be something positive like doing exercise, talking to friends, or going out for a stroll. It can quickly turn into something negative, however, if you’re not very careful.

Here’s a good look at how you can avoid developing bad habits and making them go away.

Change it into a good one. Chances are, this habit of yours started when you developed a certain liking for whatever you’re abusing. Creating a positive habit to change the bad one is a good way of making your addiction more positive. This is also good if you’re the type of person who can’t easily shake off addictions.

Turning into an Addiction. Addictions start out as bad habits. While most people have harmful habits like nail biting or hair picking, others may develop harmful ones like swearing or procrastinating. Even more harmful ones may turn into something like drug or substance abuse, which is compounded all the more when you let your peers influence you, even if it’s bad.

Becoming an Addiction. Smoking and drinking starts out as bad habits that you can change when you catch it early. It’s best to ask yourself whether the habit is something you can live without or something you absolutely should do. When you need to do it—as in absolutely—then there’s something wrong. You need to do something to change that habit.

The myth of habits. There are some sources saying that when you develop a habit, whether good or bad, you can get rid of it in 21 days. It’s simply dangerous to trust in this unsubstantiated source. Psychologists and specialists say otherwise, although it’s true that you can replace it with something more positive to change it.

Making it go away. After 21 days, if you try and stop a habit, there’s going to be a nagging feeling—that is, if it’s only something like nail-biting or procrastination. Drug dependence and alcoholism are something else. If you try to stop these without consulting anyone, the consequences can be dangerous.

Replace it with something else. Do something positive! Make it a habit to help around the house or, if you see someone in need of help, go help them. Replacing something negative with a positive is sometimes the only way you can get out of a destructive cycle.

It never is easy to break out of habits. However, it is also true that habits can become positive, if you know how to turn them into one. Live your life, trust people, and always hope that help is on the way if you’re trying to get better from a bad habit.