featured6 - Money for Rehabilitation: Luxury Rehabilitation for the Weary

Money for Rehabilitation: Luxury Rehabilitation for the Weary

Make no mistake about it; rehabilitation from addiction is serious business. However, just because you’re trying to get well, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself. If you do have the extra money, your choice of rehabilitation can become classy.

Have you heard about where this celebrity and that checked in and how much it cost them? You can choose this too, if you’d like. Here are those places you can go to:

The Atom Center, California

It’s not enough that it’s already situated between the beaches and hills of San Diego. The Atom Center had to go all-the-way with its high-end services that include massage therapy, acupuncture, energy healing, hypnotherapy, and watsu. Regular therapies like detox, behavioral, and family therapy are also available, as well as 12-step programs.

Malibu Beach Recovery, California

With a diet named after the rehabilitation center that uses it, you can’t go wrong thinking of Malibu Beach Recovery in the Pacific Palisades as a swanky rehab center. It has the standard offering, but also goes above and beyond peppering therapy sessions with yoga in-between as well as the pristine views coupled with encouragement to take up the arts.

Acqua Recovery, Utah

Settled among the mountains in Utah and situated near a lake, you can’t ask for anything more picturesque than a rehabilitation center like Acqua Recovery. The center offers all the standard services people with addiction may expect, but the medical therapies here are pretty complete. It is also one of the rehabilitation centers to offer a sober living home on site.

Dunes East, Hampton

You can’t go wrong with a rehabilitation center situated among the Hamptons. Dunes East doesn’t have ‘dunes’ in its name for nothing; in fact, one of the therapies encourages a walk among nature they call ‘eco-walks.’ Along with the standard fare are exclusive services like shiatsu massage, auricular acupuncture, and a reward for keeping to the grind—fine local cuisine.

Caron, Pennsylvania

Caron is one of the rehabilitation centers to have once housed names like Steven Tyler and Liza Minnelli. However, it is also one of the more diverse rehab centers as it caters to people of all ages. From teens, adolescents, adults and senior adults, their services are tailor-made to suit the preferences of people checking in their center, whatever the age.

The Meadows, Sonoran Desert

This hideaway, like all other swanky rehabilitation centers, treats addiction—anywhere from substance abuse, alcohol abuse, to addictions like sex and destructive habits are treated here. Some of the famous people to have come here include Tiger Woods. With a staff that boasts of famed expert John Bradshaw, it’s not difficult to see why the hefty price tags.

You don’t have to worry about the price, really, when it comes to rehabilitation. The price may be great, but it’s either that or you end up paying with your whole life. The choice should be easy, if you look at it from that view.