featured1 - A Success Story: Rehabilitation Centers with the Highest Success

A Success Story: Rehabilitation Centers with the Highest Success

There are rehabilitation centers that have become successful over the years in getting people better. Then again, only a few could boast that they’re the best and truly have high success rates. If you’re looking for somewhere you can dump your addiction, there are no better places than these.

The Best of the Best

These rehabilitation centers have, because of their programs, the best rate of success anywhere in the US.

Solutions Recovery Center (95% recovery)

Over the years, this rehabilitation center has been the choice of many people simply because of its location and world-class treatment. There’s also the way the staff treats people, which is like family.

Apex Recovery (85% recovery)

Their dedication to wellness lies in their adequately staffed rehabilitation center. It also helps that the facility is couple friendly, a must if there are couples who have the same problem in addiction.

Caron Foundation (70% or more recovery rate)

This rehabilitation center is an all-around place for people with addictions. Whether you’re just a teener or an adult suffering from an itch hard to scratch, the Pennsylvania-located rehabilitation center will get you better.

Hazelden Treatment (70% or more recovery rate)

With over 11 centers across the United States, you’re never going to have trouble finding one closest near you. Their secret is a personalized structure of treatment for people. It’s only fitting, since people are different, after all, and each has personalized needs.

Pasadena Recovery Center (70% or more recovery rate)

The fact that it has 98 beds doesn’t tie in with its reputation for having one of the best individualized treatments in the rehabilitation industry. It’s not known for the size of its facility but for its 12-step based program.

Silver Hill Hospital (70% or more recovery rate)

The last but definitely not least, it’s more famous for treating celebrities suffering from addiction. It’s also one of the more expensive—and equally successful—rehabilitation centers on the list.

Getting Better is worth it

Given their high rate of success, these rehabilitation centers may also be among the most expensive in the industry. However, if you truly want to get better, you’ll know that money’s no object in this journey.