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Sobering Up: The Basics of Living Life in Sober Homes

It could be amusing to live your post-rehabilitation life. For so long, you’ve only known life in addiction as a norm; living life in sobriety, though, could be a whole new experience. You may have to adjust to it, or it could be an entirely new challenge for you.

Living in a sober living home is only one of the processes to maintaining sobriety. Here’s what it would look like:

Living in a ‘sober living home’/ a sober home is a place which is similar to a rehabilitation center. However, the difference here is that you live in it with other people who are the same as you—either recovering or having recovered already from what they were suffering from. These houses offer you the chance to see life after addiction for yourself.

A different approach/ most sober homes offer their services only to people who have completed their rehabilitation or are in the process of completing it. Random drug testing/alcohol testing may be made here. You are also free to come and go as you please while taking care of your affairs in school, work, or with your family.

How it works and how it supports/ if you’re in a sober home, you’re looking for help. The help that these homes offer, however, is different from rehabilitation centers. In here, it’s more of a support group with patients undergoing the same treatment you are. Therapies like the 12-step program are encouraged. Other therapies may also be available, so it’s advisable to ask around.

The residents/ everyone in this home have gone through rehabilitation at some point. Some may still be undergoing rehabilitation, while others may have completed their own sessions. As always, the 12-step program is encouraged and during your stay here, you may also undergo such a program, if you haven’t had already. It’s a big help especially when reconnecting with society.

Cost of living in one/ contrary to what others may believe, sober homes are more affordable than rehabilitation centers. The prices aren’t as steep and it’s similar to living in an apartment. That being said, facilities are not necessarily unlimited to use and you are encouraged to keep tabs of how you use them. Even though they are paid for, these resources are similar to what you’d use in a rental apartment.

Now that you’ve seen what you could expect, are you ready to try sober homes out? You can expect a network of support and positive energy here; these two things are important for the road to your recovery.

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